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Top Grain Leather
  • Top-grain leather is a high-quality product.
  • Includes the outer layer of the hide, known as the grain, which features finer, more densely packed fibers, resulting in strength and durability.
  • It may also contain some of the more fibrous under layer, known as the corium.
Split Leather
  • Unique in the sense that it’s the only type of leather made from the fibrous area hiding from the leftover of the processing of top-grain leather, known as the drop split.
  • It is easier to take care compare with Top Grain Leather due to the surface is covered with PU film and the price is more approachable.
Synthetic Leather
  • Intended to substitute for leather.
  • Also named it PU Leather.
  • Material is environmental friendly, and comply with the provisions of international environmental organizations.
  • We produce our bags at our own factory at overseas.
  • We do produce our bags with our long-term trusted in-house factory at overseas too.
  • Our experts and material team uses only fine and high-quality of synthetic leather to produce bags. Synthetic Leather texture are similar to genuine leather.
  • Our bags are semi-handmade. This is ensure every pieces are created with fine details and with the best quality to our end products.
  • All products shown on the official website are taken from real product shoot.
  • We strive our best to ensure every product’s measurements are as accurate as possible. Please allow 3-4cm difference from the stated measurements.
  • There might be some colour differences in colour/ brightness/ other details due to studio lighting and screen resolutions of your computer/ phone device.
  • Bags should be covered with dust bag and stored with dehumidifier regularly at a cool and dry place at all times.
  • When the bag gets wet or contact with water, use clean white cotton cloth to dry the moist and place the bag at a cool, dry and ventilated area to dry naturally.
  • Avoid direct exposure to the sun, heat, rain, humidity and acidic substances.
  • Do not press, or weight the bag with excess or heavy items.
  • Do not wash the bag with washing machine or place the entire bag into water for washing.
  • Do not clean with bleach or volatile solvents.
Genuine Leather
  • Wipe it dry using a soft clean cloth if it gets wet or spill something on it
  • Never use heat to dry it as the leather may crack from over-drying
  • Maintenance: Use leather moisturizer (except for original colour and pink leather
Synthetic Leather
  • Cleaning method: Wipe with clean white cotton cloth
  • Maintenance: Household gentle detergent
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